A warm welcome on my side.

One in advance. I’m not a doctor. I’m just telling my story without taboos and with an openness that hopefully will resonate with others in the same situation.

„Life is Movement“This is a quote from Aristotle and only becomes real when you have a lack of exercise like me.

The reasons for lack of exercise can have different reasons. I’m interested in any story about you, so you’re welcome to share it with me. I will try to help and motivate each individual. You can do this HERE.

My site will grow with time and you can witness my start live. I also depend on your feedback. I’m not perfect, but I always try hard to do the best in what I do.

I have become a sports invalid due to some injuries. This had depressions and some very serious consequences that you find in “Personal“.

Let us take together the necessary steps to finally live healthier lives.

I look forward to you all.